Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Cookies

Today I received a box in the mail from my sister. She mailed me cookies as a sweet reminder of my Grandma. You see, we made sugar cookies with her when we were at their home in Kansas for Christmas. If we couldn't be with her she would always mail us a bunch of her Christmas goodies. One of my all time favorites is her peanut clusters.

One quick cookie story: We had finished making the dough, rolling it out and cutting it with all the fun cookie cutters. We stuck them all in the oven and made icing while they cooked. When they came out of the oven, Grandma tasted one. It was then that she realized we had forgotten to put the sugar in the sugar cookies. But of course, once we got the amazing icing on... they still tasted pretty good!

Remembering my Grandma today was a sweet moment. She is suffering from Alzheimers now. She doesn't remember any of us, but Grandma... we remember you today!

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