Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Reflection #4...

It seems to me there have been more and more things created in the last couple of years that can completely consume/waste your time. Where you literally look up and at least an hour has just ticked off the clock. Facebook was one such thing for me this year. I had to make some very conscious choices to RELEASE!

It has its ups for sure... seeing fun pictures of friends and their families, knowing a little more of what they are up to, and of course... pulling weeds out of your garden.
I have basically refused to take any tests, join any clubs, start a club, or own a farm. Oh wait... I did become a fan of Bob Costas.

But one really great upside has been connecting with old friends. Just yesterday I got to see face to face a friend I grew up with in church. We got in lots of trouble in church together, for talking (imagine!). We also spent a lot of time playing make believe at her house. We encouraged each other through the hard junior high years. It was so great to see her and talk about life growing up.
It also reminded me of how much I have changed. I thought back to how insecure I was then and how I wasn't willing to ruffle feathers for truth. I am thankful that the Lord has given me confidence to speak truth and to be great with who He has created me to be.
So thankful this year for the chance this year to reconnect with old friends.

PS: The photos above are 3 of my profile pics... clearly I am a little more secure with who I am :)!

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