Thursday, December 31, 2009

Reflection #9

So I was trying to decide what the last one should be about and I remembered a letter I wrote right before I left for Ethiopia. And when I say right before, I mean 2 hours before I was heading over to the Fournets. I got this feeling that I needed to write a "goodbye" letter if I did not come back. I have never done this before and I had never had that feeling before. So I wrote it.
I then had to think through who I should send it to so that it could get sent out if something did happen. That was an interesting conversation in my head... "If I send it to her, she will not let me get on the plane," "She would probably be ok with it," "Not so sure about her." Kaigler was the lucky recipient. I knew he would be fine, but the conversation upon receipt was pretty interesting. :)
I did not necessarily think I was going to die. I was definitely not stressed out about dying. But none the less... the letter was written.
It talked about my happiness of knowing where I was if I was gone. The joy I would be experiencing meeting God and having all my questions answered!!
It also talked about how much I love all of you and my hope that you would celebrate. Oh, and I made a small request for Marble Slab to a be a part of the celebration.
Writing the letter helped me think about a couple of things... I don't fear death. I am ready to meet my Creator, Savior, Father, Redeemer, and Best Friend face to face whenever it is time. AND as I have said often on this blog, I am thankful for the many many people He has shown Himself real to me through.
Well... obviously I made it back and experienced the rest of 2009. It was a great year and I'm excited about the year ahead, serving the Lord, bringing Him glory and being a part of all of your lives.
So here we go... welcome 2010!!

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