Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Reflection #7

I don't have much time to squeeze in my last reflections for the year... yikes.
But I have been thinking about the books I got to read this year and the studies I did.  Here is a small sampling of the list...
The Rest of God by Buchanan
Scared by Tom Davis
Lies Women Believe by Nancy Leigh DeMoss
Bible by God
Daniel by Beth Moore
Maggie by Charles Martin
TrueFaced by Bill Thrall and others
A handful of years ago that would have totaled the number of books I had read in 10 years.  But now, I love to read.  I like books that challenge my thinking and draw me deeper into truth about God and I like books that tug at my heart strings.  All of these books are ones I would recommend (most of them do not do both of these things.) 
If I was at home I would pull them all out and give you some highlights of what I underlined. But instead I will give the top 10 things I either learned or was reminded of by reading them...
1) There is always more to the story than the initial picture that you see.
2) Lies steal so much from you but truth can defeat anything.
3) Giving up fried foods for 6 weeks is challenging but not impossible.
4) Trusting people with who you really are brings great freedom.
5) God is sovereign and in control.
6) Every time I read about some one's long time pet dying I CRY!
7) Being hungry is not always a bad thing.
8) An apple is used to represent the fruit that Satan used to lure Eve away from God, God's word is to be the apple of our eye, and we are called the apple of God's eye.
9) Making time for "sabbath rest" in my life is extremely important.
10) Reading through the entire Bible in 90 days is a crazy idea!  (I didn't make it this year but I hope to accomplish the task in 2010!

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