Monday, December 21, 2009

Reflections of 2009... #1

One of the biggest events of 2009 was getting to go with my friends Beau and Natalie to pick up their twins from Ethiopia. They took along their two other children, Caleb and Hannah. I had the joy of praying with them for over a year for the "ok" to fly over and pick up Beck and Deshi. It truly was an amazing experience.
Their adoption was one of the more complicated ones. Most adoptions have court delays and interesting things that happen. I think everything that could happen, happened to their case. They asked me if I would be willing to go with them and I jumped at the chance. Who could say no when it has to do with... adoption, Africa, the Fournets and a 16 hour plane ride.

I had a lot of emotions going into the trip wondering if there would be some big answers for me on this trip. Would I hear direction for my life while over there? Would I fall in love with Ethiopia and not want to come back? Would I be more devastated with the orphans that I met than I had been before?
The trip definitely proved to be an adventure.

Here are some things I learned...
-Solomon, a man that drives for Gladney and is joyful about everything.
-there are lots of kiddos waiting for their new families to pass court and come pick them up.
-the food was pretty good and I love the boiled egg.
-I can survive showers with really cold water and on very little electricity.
-monkeys up close and personal do scare me a little.
-I don't really like warm oatmeal.
-Michael Jackson spanned the globe.
-I love my new camera and I am thankful to get to capture so many great adventures with it.
-being a part of bringing sheep to Kidmia was cool, and you can cram a lot in the back of a jeep.
-look in other rooms of the house to see if there is a heating apparatus attached to other showers.
-orphans anywhere break my heart, but I need to listen and be obedient, I can't save them all. (DARN IT!)
-Kaldes has great gelato.
-Sally and Tom Baer are great hosts and are doing some cool stuff over there.
-the kids at Kidmia are precious sweet.
-the flight attendants on Emirates were awesome as we played in the kitchen area, for hours.
-not getting sleep for over 16 hours, having a delay in the Houston airport, not eating, heat, and a buzzing noise add up to a small emotional breakdown.
I am sure I could go on all day-but most importantly...
I learned that getting to see and be a very small part Beck and Deshi leaving hopelessness and be united with family who already loves them was priceless.

Thanks Beau and Nat for the opportunity to go with you and be a part of your amazing journey.

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  1. We had a great time! Thanks for coming with us. I am praying I have a similar excuse to go again in 2010/2011.