Thursday, December 24, 2009

Reflection #5...

These two pictures represent at least 2 things. One... I work with some pretty awesome people. Truly! If I was going to reflect on who I work with, I would have to reflect on the last 7 years on staff at Watermark and that could take a lot of posts. So I will just say, "I LOVE the people I get to work with everyday!"

This past year I was in more of a management role in my job on staff. I used to be in all the details of everything we did in Children's Ministry. Then we hired a bunch of people who are better at what they do than I ever was or ever could be. It has been fun to see each of them thriving in their gifts. But this "shift" pulled me out of the creative aspects a little farther than I realized.

AND so, to the 2nd thing the pics represent and to the point of what I learned... I NEED a creative outlet!!!

I found myself at different points in the year grabbing hold of little projects and going a little over the top. (I can hear some of you saying right now, wait, how is that different than she normally is?) It's not so much that the over the top was different than it was before, just more that I was snagging someone else's job from them to get my "fix." They were are all very gracious in my moment of weakness, but it did show me that I need to be sure that I am allowing for places to be creative.

And so... 2010... watch out, I will be looking for those outlets!

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  1. oh how i love those stripes and the "theme" :) you friend.