Thursday, December 31, 2009

Welcome 2010!

I was reminded today that we are talking about a decade gone by... the "O" somethings are no more. So I thought I would also do one post on my decade in review. (In no particular order!)

3 jobs (4 titles)
6 Estes Parks
2 boys dated
1 church family
3 Beth Moore studies
5 countries visited (3 continents)
1 week of intense counseling
3 Ironmans spectatheleted
5 beach trips
1 broken heart
11 community group combinations
2 cars (1 for 90% of it)
3 trips solo
5 roommates
1 ring
6 months on anti-depressants
1 marathon relay
3 boy crushes (not dated)
17 people on children's ministry team
10 Aggie girl weekends
3 canon cameras
1 Masters degree
And the few things too numerous to count...
words written in journals
hours writing curriculum
cell phone minutes used
kleenex needed for tears
shoes purchased
other marathons and triathlons spectatheleted
pictures taken
words said out loud for processing
AND people God has brought into my life that have changed me over the last 10 years!

Excited to see what the next decade holds!


  1. You've done three Ironmans? Seriously?

  2. Love you friend and so thankful to be part of your life these last 4+ year!!