Sunday, October 18, 2009


As I arrived in Ozark, AR this afternoon and ran to get groceries for the week. The first picture is what I saw in the grocery store. It is their High School mascot! LOVE IT!
On my way to my place I drove upon a motorcycle accident that had just happened. It was scary to jump out of my car and run up on it. The trailed on the motorcylce had rolled over the driver's wife. She is going to be ok, and today I saw why you NEED to wear your helmet!
Then I arrived at my new home for the week. The 2nd picture. My little home above the conference center is precious. I was checked in by the owner, his name is Vernon. He was the nicest man and told me about the property and where I could go to get great pics. He also told me that he would show me how to get to the waterfall that they keep private. So I got all unloaded, drove around the property a little and then decided to go get the scoop on the waterfalls. When I went into the store I talked with Vernon's son, Paul. He gave me a lot of maps and told me how to get where I needed to go. Such nice people. Then as I was leaving he came out and here is how the conversation goes...
Paul: "Ma'am, I don't mean to scare you, but do you have anything orange you can wear when you go out into the woods?"
Me: "No! Why?"
Paul: "Well deer season just opened and I don't want you to get mistaken for one."
Me: "Thank you for that. Do you have extra orange I could borrow?"
Paul: "Sure, follow me."
That would be picture #3. I am going to be stylin' as I head out tomorrow on my waterfall search!


  1. that's awsm!! maybe wear a helmet and orange vest.

  2. wow...i think i would have passed out walking up to that accident...sounds like you're having fun adventures :)