Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sharing a little of what I know...

The reality is... 147 million orphans.
Thought... daunting!
I have just spent the last hour reading blogs about orphans and people helping orphans. I can get really caught up in how overwhelming it is! So I thought... share what you are reading. And I realize that I think maybe 10 people are reading my blog, so this does not make much of a dent in sharing with the masses.
BUT... if all of you reading my blog, who have a blog, post some of this on your blog and the hundreds that read your blog do the same... then we got something going. (facebook works too!) And the reality is... God is the one that moves hearts, we just get to be obedient!
So... here are some links to info about orphans and people helping them.
My heart aches for all the kids out there that go to sleep each night without someone to hold them and tell them how special they are and that there is a God that loves them very much.
I'm contuing to ask God what He wants from me. We'll see!
But today... I'll share a little of what I know.

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  1. Actually there are 11 reading your blog :o)
    Good stuff. Thanks for sharing.