Friday, October 9, 2009


A week or so ago, I was at lunch with my friend Leigh. We went to Blue Mesa, at my request, to sit on the patio in the amazing weather. Mexican food and a cool sunny day... who can beat it!
Well... close to the end of our meal a rather large beetle fell into Leigh's soup bowl. She was basically done thankfully. The beetle is on its back now covered in black beans. I feel sorry for him so I decide to take a spoon and scoop him out and flip him over the fence into the grass. At this point I feel like I have done a good deed! Right then, a big black bird scoops down, lands next to my bean covered friend and starts to peck at him.
I was so distraught that I did not watch the ending, but I have a feeling that the bird was thankful for his meal with a touch of black beans. Here is a picture of end of the story unfolding.
I really was, "just trying to help!"

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