Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Top 10!

Well, my 8 day vacation has come to an end. It was a great week of hanging out with the Creator and in His creation. I feel like I learned some good stuff on this trip, some new and some reminders.
Let's see if I can give the top 10:
#1: My need for perfectionism, being sure I am doing the right thing, and wanting others approval sure can get in the way of relaxing.
#2: Psalm 119 is RICH with truth about God's Word!
#3: I love being out in nature, I feel really close to God out there.
#4: It is wise to wear orange in deer season.
#5: Cooking all 3 meals in one day is not something I love, but I can do!
#6: I have 2 camps of people in my life... those that think I was crazy for getting on those ATV's and those that don't.
#7: I like writing this blog, but will have to let my need to say the "right" or "great" stuff go.
#8: A trip every year where I get alone and out of Dallas is good for my head and heart.
#9: I take more pictures than most people on an 8 day trip to Arkansas... over 700 this time!
#10: I have an incredible family (both blood and not) that love me.
Thanks for keeping up with me and praying for me this week.
More postings to come... from "no tellin' where"!
Beside the pics I already included... above are my other Top 10 Favorites.


  1. Beautiful!!! And beautiful lessons:)

  2. Great stuff. Concerning #6, I'm in the second camp. Makes a better story. Fun pics! Was the 25 year old was named Jethro? Good times:)

  3. Grateful for the follwing things:
    1) That you had a fruitful trip!
    2) Memory cards that hold gigabytes worth of photos
    3) That you didn't end up at the bottom of a creekbed via your crazy ATV hillbilly friends

  4. Thanks friend! Grateful to be in your family and have you in mine!