Tuesday, October 20, 2009

What if this things snaps?

Today I decided to head out a little later so I could spend more time just studying and journaling. It was a little cloudy this morning so it worked out perfect.

Around 1pm I headed out towards the Oark General Store and Cafe. Had a late lunch and then headed out to see the "swinging bridge". And that is exactly what it is. This bridge that was built out across the Mulberry River and is on 2 cables with some rickety wood and some wire on the sides so you don't fall in. It is not fancy and very bouncy! I did calculate the distance I would fall if it broke, it would have been painful, but don't think it would have killed me. The picture above is the scene I found once across the bridge and climbed down a little :)

I spent the rest of the afternoon just driving around on a curvy road with beautiful trees overhanging. It was an amazingly beautiful day so most of it was driven with my windows down. As adventures go, none major to report. Vernon did come check on me this morning to make sure I was doing ok. Such nice people.

The other picture is of this little guy that keeps hanging around me when I am on the porch hanging out with the Lord. He just looks cool I think!

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  1. I love the pictures but I've only been able to see the "full size" version of the bee - which by the way is awesome. Any way to upload the rest so they can be viewed full size?

    So glad you're having fun & getting some R&R.