Monday, October 12, 2009

Mr. Fix-It

So tonight my Dad came over and "helped me" fix the belt on the dryer. In quotes because, let's be honest, he fixed the belt while I supervised.

I have always been astounded by my Dad. He has always been able to fix or build anything. When I was growing up, he spent hours in the front yard fixing the cars or building something for the house.

And as a side note on the fixing things, he is a little bit of a perfectionist. In college he built my roommate and I the most deluxe set of loft beds any college room has probably ever seen.

As a kid, I for sure would have challenged any other kid's dad to go up against my Dad to fix something and know my Dad would win!

Well tonight as we were putting the dryer back together he revealed a little bit of his secret. This wire came off and I wasn't sure where to put it back on. He reaches down and just sticks the wire to this spot. The rest of the conversation goes something like this...

ME: "Is that where that wire goes?"

DAD: "I don't know, I guess we'll find out if it blows up."

ME: "Oh good, that's comforting."

DAD: "Hey, I can always tear it apart, just not always sure how to put it back together."

Ok, so my image of him wasn't shattered in this moment, but it did remind me that there has always been some trial and error in his work... and then it hit me.

I now know where I learned to just try it, go in, feel around, try some things, see if it works, and most of the time, you will figure it out. Doesn't usually take a rocket scientist.

Well, thanks Dad for that skill and for the confidence to try it and see what happens. It has served me well. And thanks for being willing to be my handy man. I am thankful for you.

And, just for the record... I would still pick you in any fix-it challenge!!!

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