Monday, October 19, 2009


After an amazing morning studying Psalm 119 on my deck overlooking the beautiful trees, in the sunshine, and the cool breeze... it was off to find the waterfalls.

I got all loaded up... camera, 3 lenses, backpack, water, snacks, crazy creek, map, jacket, orange vest so I don't get mistaken for a deer and my compass... CHECK! I'm off!

Drove down to where the trail starts, the guy told me that it would take 30 minutes downhill to get to the 1st waterfall and then about 1 1/2 hours UPHILL to get out. He also told me that they had places red markers on the trail a month or so ago so that might help me. I start heading in, pretty confident of my abilities.

OK HONESTY... I'm a little worried I might get lost. Just for good measure I pull out the compass to see which way I am headed. North! That should be easy to remember!

It is an amazing hike, beautiful trees, birds and little critters everywhere. I finally reach the little creek and am not sure if I am suppose to cross it or turn left beside it to get to the water fall. So I hike beside it, doesn't take much time before I realize... I was suppose to cross it!

So I head back through the muck and cross the creek and then start hiking up. I can hear the waterfall at this point, so I know I am heading the right way now. Then I hear an ATV behind me. I move over to let them pass and the first guy, who I learn later is Justin, stops to say HI and ask where I am headed. I told him the waterfalls. He says there are about 4 other guys behind him and they will try not to push me off the road. The 2nd guy pulls up and asks if I want a ride.

PAUSE... just for the record... Justin is really cute! And also, my pride is telling me, no you can do this, you came to hike!

So I get on the ATV with one of my new friends. They drive me up there, which by the way, would have taken be a pretty good hike to get there. And then once there, they get me to where I could not have gotten without going knee deep. Really great guys. We quickly figure out we are on opposite sides of the football, couple of razorbacks and an OSU cowboy! :) So the Aggie ribbing begins!

I'm just walking around taking pictures, when I realize they are waiting on me. Oooops! They ask if I want a ride to the other waterfall.

AGAIN... my pride says... Oh no, thanks guys, I'm good!

I get back on and off we go. This ride was not short. It was fun though, and muddy! And when we do get to the next waterfall... it is B-E-A-utiful! (pic at bottom) They let me tool around and take pictures. When we get all done and ready to leave they really want to be able to take me back, but realize I came from a different direction than they did and they can't take me back, no ATV's allowed.

So, they want to make sure I am going to be ok and send me off. I assure them I will be fine and off I go. When I got back to the creek I am a little confused, we have crossed a lot of creeks at this point and I'm not sure which way to head. Mom and Dad, you will be so proud. I took the compass out and starting heading south. I make the trek back up in an hour! I feel pretty good about that.

So to my ATV freinds... thanks for the lifts, thanks for caring that I got out safe, thanks for the laughs, and thanks most of all for thinking I was young enough to set me up with your 25 year old single son!


  1. sounds fun! and yeah for cute guys (or a cute guy) on ATVs. i'm glad you made some friends.

  2. So let me see if I've got the key facts down:
    (1) You were in the another state
    (2) You got onto an ATV with a complete male stranger.
    (3) You had a compass

    Please be careful.

  3. oh my goodness!!! YOU ARE CRAZY!!! what are you doing getting on ATVs w/ complete strangers??? haven't you seen CSI?!?!?!

  4. OK my comment keeps getting messed up!

    I am laughing at you and a bit worried....strangers/ATV guys are OK as long as they are cute? And you were worried about the strangers/goat guys loading in the van in Ethiopia? Look forward to seeing more pictures!

  5. Suzannah... have I taught you nothing??? No matter how cute ATV guys are, they are from ARKANSAS! Erica said you need to watch out for those people. All except the OSU cowboy...that was probably God's provision for you to know it was safe, as we all know Oklahoma is the promise land. :)
    Love and miss you friend.